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Our Business is Your Business

We Pride Ourselves on Simplicity

Hewson Group was established so that we could help small businesses achieve stellar digital marketing results without the time, complexity and expense that working with larger digital agencies and web development shops typically require.

With over 20 years of digital strategy, digital marketing and website development experience, we are able to approach each client’s needs with a deep knowledge of how businesses have leveraged digital at the largest scale imaginable. Our historical work with clients such as General Motors, American Express, Philips Electronics, Kellogg’s consumer products and many more has given us the perspective necessary to boil it down for our small business clients.

There are dozens if not hundreds of ways that digital solutions can help a small business. We focus on only three types of work for our clients, allowing us to focus on delivering you results.

Hewson Group Services

Website Development


Without a robust, well designed and useful web presence, your prospects and customers will not be able to understand your value as you’d like them to. Our approach uses the most advanced tools and design approaches available.

Marketing, Advertising & CRM


If you have a well established go-to-market strategy and a sound website presence in place, only then can you invest in content marketing, advertising, CRM and marketing automation with confidence. If you’re ready, we’re ready to get you going in the right direction.

Operations Technology


Small business operate at a time in history when advancements in technology delivered through the internet have given them unprecedented access to tools that can revolutionize their way of doing business. Yet the instruction set for implementing these new technologies is, for all intents and purposes, unwritten.

We always start with a smart strategy

Strategy is defined as “a decision between competing good choices.” At Hewson Group, we believe strongly in the need for a well defined strategy before a line of code is written or a graphic is designed.

We have years of heavy-duty strategy development experience for businesses large and small. This presentation gives you a flavor of our approach – feel free to download for your use or connect with us to ask questions or engage us to help you develop your perfect business or marketing strategy.

Business Sectors Specialization

Over the past 20 years, we’ve had the opportunity to work in pretty much every business sector imaginable, including financial services, telecommunications, consumer packaged goods, retail and eCommerce, travel and hospitality, and travel.

Today, we’re focused on three¬†main types of businesses, and our ability to help business owners and managers in these four sectors grow their business is well proven.

doctors office

Professional Services

If you run a professional services business, whether a medical practice, a contracting business or a law firm, you recognize that your life blood is establishing a pipeline of new qualified prospects, keeping that pipeline full, and turing prospects into customers as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Our work with a number of service providers has given us the knowledge to apply advanced digital marketing solutions for your business and get your appointment schedule full up asap.


Consumer Goods

Small business owners who are engaged in making and selling consumer goods, whether online or through more traditional retail channels, present a unique challenge that our digital marketing services are well suited to enhance. Our historical tenure helping brand such as Pedigree petfood, Evian water, Dannon yogurt and Reynold Wrap establish their brands and sell through more effectively to consumers is experience your small business can count on.

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We work with retailers to define their brand online, giving shoppers a perfect view of merchandise available for offer and a variety of reasons to shop. Our experience developing consumer-focued sales promotions for the world’s leading brands, coupled with our years of consumer relationship management with clients such as American Express, allows us the perspective necessary to driving foot traffic efficiently, identify your most valuable customers, and get customers coming back again and again.

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