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We Deliver Big Company Digital Solutions for Your Small Business

Thanks for visiting Hewson Group. We’re a digital marketing solutions company. We focus on developing affordable best-in-class solutions for small businesses that are looking for big business expertise.

We specialize in building professional, modern and affordable websites quickly. We provide a personal touch to each of our clients and work to become trusted business partners, not just marketing vendors.

Based in Easton, CT, our clients include medical practices, media companies, non-profits, building contractors, financial holding companies and consumer products makers.

We’d love to work with your small business too. Please let us know how we can help you today!

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Solutions Focus

In our mission to help small business leverage today’s most effective and advanced technologies to drive their business forward, we specialize in three main solution areas.

Website Solutions


We develop best-in-class websites for small businesses. Our sites act as contemporary marketing engines that can drive your business forward smartly.

Marketing Solutions


We know how to apply your limited marketing budget to create the most effective response, using smart data-driven testing approaches to uncover your unique path.

Operations Technology

Operatinos Technology

A paradox of small business today is the powerful technologies that are available to help run your business better, but with no instruction set as to what tools and how to best use them. We can help.

What Inspires You?

This Is What Drives Us



Knowing what steps to take to improve a client’s business performance is a challenge overcome by smart strategy.


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Technology is changing at lighting pace. How is a small business to know how to make the most of it?


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Without big ideas, a business can’t separate itself form the competition. We’re all about big ideas to get the register ringing.

Say hello and we can get to know each other. We're sure we can help you.

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