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Using technology to make running your business easier

Small Business owners struggle keeping up with today's business technology toolsets

We can put the right digital tools in place to run your business more effectively

Email. Project Management. File Sharing. Where’s a small business owner to start? With hundreds of choices and no clear path, we’ve helped businesses large and small figure out the right toolset to help them optimize their way of doing business.

Why not take advantage of all the great tools out there today?

As a marketing company with strength in both strategic planning and cloud based technology integration and implementation, we believe that every business situation is unique and can only be defined in context to it’s competition, marketplace and customer needs. A pet store owner with 3 employees has a much different set of opportunities than a local bank with 3 branches. An accountant grows her customer base at a different pace than a software entrepreneur. Yet each of these business types share a need to uncover the right tool sets and apply them to their business.

We see expertise in cloud technologies a key need for small business in the years to come, and anticipate the emergence of supporting companies dedicated to this need, in finance/HR, in company operations, and in marketing and sales automation.

Operations Technology Focus

Business technology has evolved into a confusing jig saw puzzle, with endless pieces and no box cover to look to for guidance.

We excel at helping small businesses discover, select and implement tools that help their business operations improve:

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Cloud Storage

File Sharing

File Notation

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Project Mangement

Customer Records

Time and Resource Management

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Lead Generation

Contact Management

Lifetime Value

Performance Metrics


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