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According to, Connecticut has over 5,000 private group medical practices providing solutions to millions of patients each year for a variety of serious medical conditions. How you present your practice and yourself to current and potential patients is more important than ever.

With competition strong among Connecticut’s group practices, and growing more competitive each day with the explosion of urgent care and other alternative care options, patients and their families and caregivers are turing to the web to decide which practice they will trust with their healthcare. Your website is a key destination on their journey.

How you present your services, your patient information and your facility has an enormous impact on a patient’s decision making. Choosing the right physician and practice is of utmost importance, and creates a great deal of pressure on the patient to get it right.

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That’s where Hewson Group and their medical practice experience comes in. With the most advanced solutions available for digital marketing, and a strong history of working directly with physicians, private practices, and related medical associations, we are perfectly suited to bring your most visible patient acquisition and support tool to new heights.

Based in Easton, CT, we pride ourselves on our in-person service model. Our experience includes helping physicians and their practices with a variety of digital marketing services, including:

 Website Design and Development

 Landing Page Creation and Optimization

 Search Engine Optimization

 Email Marketing

 Social Media Activation

 Seminar Attendee Acquisition

Let Hewson Group help you with your medical practice marketing needs.

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